You Invest Smart, They Trade Hard.
Underground Technology that the fund houses DO NOT want you to know
*This underground investment strategy has been used by hundreds of investors to build their 4-5 Figures retirement income using just 7 Days a Year
... even if you have no trading experience.
No Huge Capital, No Weird Schemes. Pure Technology Innovation

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You Invest Smart, They Trade Hard.

How we help our clients achieve extremely lucrative portfolio returns along with knowledgeable risk management while a
Team of Professional Full Time Traders
execute the trades without having to share

Any Of Your Profits!

What if YOU can make use of our groundbreaking technology to start leveraging legally on the trades of those who do this for a living.

The best part is, You do not need to be experienced in investing to understand what you are doing...

Included with the appointment, you will get:
FREE AI Risk Report generated for you and
FREE* Portfolio Consultation with us today!
*for a limited time, 30 minute session / person
Still can't decide? Check the reasons why investors trusts us.

Who are these Traders?

insert marcus and Karyong and sinlee

And Many More...

Are you...

  • ...always busy with work and tasks?
  • ...having ​long term, life-changing plans?
  • possesions of savings that are stagnant?
  • ...vulnerable to unexpected expenses?
  • ...​lacking or absence of emergency savings
  • ...inexperienced in investing?
  • need to protect your bottom line?
  • ...looking to diversify your savings
  • ...trying to beat inflation?
  • ...feeling one step behind in investing?
  • Put your three paragraphs here
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  • P3
Do you want to invest in anything?
If you say 'Yes' to any of the questions above you can benefit from using our platform!
Battle-Tested by Investors

A few kind words from our clients.

Alex W.
I like to have control over my own money, so besides trading by myself, I feel very comfortable to have my investment in eAPPs as i get to control who trades my money as well.
Trading does make money and lose money, but I like eAPPs approach. They focus on risk management. I will remember what they say, “The key to winning, is to not lose”. Great point.
Hui Qing
I have experience in trading forex, but due to past experience, emotions do come up and by the time I don’t know how to manage and overwrite the risk management.
Now with eAPPs, I feel very very comfortable. Now I can sleep, go on holiday, and do everything without having to worry.
Thank you very much.

Why Choose eAPPs?

We believe in no coincidences and only REAL results from REAL advantages.

Professional Master Traders

Let our rigorously handpicked and experienced "Master Traders" use their knowledge to assist in managing your portfolios

Fast Setup & Easy-to-learn

Zero to investing in less than an hour with powerful functions with easy to use interface to allow effective use by investors.

Flexible Portfolio Management

Our flexible portfolio allows every investors to have theirs tuned to a specific degree of risk and profitability.

Investors recognized all over Asia

Our experienced investors are recognized all over Asia ready to tackle any challenges and help YOU achieve your investing goals


Common questions about our platform.

  • Is it really literally ZERO experience in investing needed?
  • ​Literally yes! You absolutely don't need any prior experience in investing to wield this powerful tool to your fullest advantage.
  • How is this different from your typical fund management solutions?
  • No. Fund houses invest directly with your funds. Which means that they have no "skin in the game" you will be responsible for all loses while they take your profit then you gain. eAPPs works differently, every single trade the "Master Trader" makes are made from their own account. Our software will than help to execute the same trade on your account after calibrating your risk management settings. Therefore, if you lose, the Master Traders lose as well. It is in their best interest to keep making money for you.
  • What is the meaning of "minimum management"?
  • ​Since most of the investing is executed by our "Master Traders", you do not need to worry about micro-managing your investments since they will be done by our "Master Traders" - hand picked investors with extensive experience to ensure everyone can profit in the end.
  • Can I trust these "Master Traders"?
  • Because they still have to make profit for themselves, they are making trades that can will grow their portfolio, which contributes directly to your profits. Of course, these Traders are hand-picked to prioritize balanced profitability and security for all users under them.

Reserve your slots now!

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